What is Emetophobia?

This is a safe space for those already suffering emetophobia, therefore you won’t find any potentially triggering terminology here. If you’d like to learn more, please visit the Emetophobia page on the Anxiety UK website – thank you.

To discover helpful resources, as well as the Film Review and TV Series Review, please follow the links below this message…

You are not alone 🙂

About The Emet. Review

Our Beliefs

We believe every person deserves to enjoy living life to the full, even those of us with emetophobia. Many aspects of every day life can be triggering, sending us into an anxiety-fuelled spiral that results in terrible panic attacks and life-limiting behaviours.

Despite millions of people around the world suffering this debilitating phobia, unfortunately it remains largely unexplored.

Whilst we understand a major aspect of the strategies used to combat the negative impacts of this phobia on the lives of those afflicted with it regards dealing with triggers and fighting them, we understand the road to recovery is still paved with difficult days. So, we hope this site will prove to be a safe place – not only to assist in your recovery, but to comfort you during days of darkness.

Best wishes,

The Emet. Review Team x

How You Can Help

Send Your Review

We are only human and have full lives, so can’t possibly watch every episode of every TV series and every film and every book ever created. So, if there’s a TV series, film, or book you’ve reviewed that you’d like us to add here to help fellow emetophobia sufferers, please let us know. We promise you will be given full credit for your review – thank you 🙂

Share Your Story

Often, those of us with emetophobia are somewhat isolated. Despite our loved ones trying their best to understand and support us, sometimes suffering emetophobia can leave us in a lonely place. We would appreciate you sharing your story with us, especially if you’ve defeated emetophobia, so others may find solace in your experiences.

Know Your Worth

Emetophobia can leave us feeling weak and powerless, especially during triggering situations. Though never forget that the mere fact we live in spite of this exhausting phobia is proof of our strength, courage, and tenacity. Think about all those times you survived moments of sheer terror; perhaps emetophobia is your super power in disguise…

Why a Butterfly?

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation, of the beauty of change.

We have chosen to use a butterfly as our logo because of the strength it takes to survive emetophobia and thrive.

As we work through each phase of our lives, the potency of emetophobia adjusts accordingly – whether for better or worse.

So, whenever you see a butterfly know that it signifies your strength, courage, and power. Please remember you are not alone x

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